Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A little update

Well hello there, strangers!
I felt like I haven't sat down and typed in forever. Life recently has been a bit busy with everyday things which means I haven't been able to sit down and type a post which means my blog has been a bit neglected.
I like to take my time when writing a post making sure that I don't miss anything out and making sure that it is something that I would read myself. Life has been busy in the terms of going away for a few days, getting myself ready to go back to college, sorting uni stuff like open days and personal statement stuff as well as just enjoying the time I have left not being at college.
As well as this, I feel like when I have had the time to blog, I haven't wanted to so I feel as if I've had the 'blogger block' from posting anything just because I haven't been bothered to basically which is weird for me to say I haven't been doing it for long. I want blogging to be a hobby where I enjoy trying and reviewing products as well as writing about other things. Whereas at the end of July/beginning of August I was blogging everyday which I enjoyed but the minute I woke up, I felt like I had to get on my laptop and type away which I didn't want so it became like chore for me to do so I stepped back for a few days which turned out to be a few weeks. Oops.
However, these few weeks has made me focus on the more important things in life mainly my career as my last year at college is a big one and starting to look at universities has taken a lot of time up. This 'break' has also made me take my blog a bit more seriously than what I already was so I am currently doing a re-vamp on my blog as I quickly made this design whereas I'm looking a lot more into a new design which will be up soon. I also have a lot of new ideas for new posts including my little 'holiday' getaway which will up up shortly. I have also decided to not post everyday but post at least twice a week but I don't want to choose set days, I will just post when I can. 

So, I'm sorry for not posting new material but be sure to keep checking back for my new design and let me know what you think of it. Also leave comments down below of what stuff you want to see on here as I'm always on the look out for new ideas.

Kallie xxx

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