Saturday, 27 July 2013

Oops I did it again, I spent money I didn't have..

Mm I love shopping! Recently I have been spending monies and bought a few things so I thought I would show you!

First up is boring and its the Cutex ultra cleansing nail polish remover. I bought this from Superdrug because I ran out of nail polish remover (obviously) and this was on offer to £1.50 odd or something like that so I thought I'd pick it up and it was in the 3 for 2 nails offer. This is weird but I love smelling my nails after I have taken my nail polish off because it doesn't leave that horrible alcoholy smell that a lot of nail polish removers leave. It has multifruit acid, green tea extract and vitamin E which gives my nails a fruity smell after I use it. It doesn't smell like that in the bottle but I have found after using it a few times that my nails don't feel as gritty and horrible like when I use other nail polish removers. 

Next is a few nail polishes from MUA (I say a few?!) Like I said, superdrug have had a 3 for 2 offer on all nail things in store so I went a bit mental with nail polishes. I really like the MUA nail polishes, they are cheap but are really good not like those nasty nail polishes you get. The colour range isn't too bad either even though I nearly have them all.. I have written a post about them which will be linked here.

Next I have more MUA products (I told you I like them) and these are there lipsticks in Nectar and Juicy. I'm not going to go into too much detail about them as I've done a post about nectar which will be linked here and a post mentioning juicy which will be linked here. Love these lipsticks, can't fault them. Can't wait to get more!

Moving away from superdrug, I made a order on Wednesday night on Fragrance Direct and my order came today.. I ordered standard delivery and they came within 2 days! Super quick! As I've mentioned may times, I am trying to get into wearing lipstick so I thought fragrance direct would be the best place as everything is reduced massively! I have wanted a nude lipstick for quite a while so I ordered 'Notting Hill Nude' by Rimmel which is a lovely nude colour and I really like this already as it's not a pale nude like some lipsticks are, it has a pink undertone to it which I really like and it was 99p. Bargain!

Again from fragrance direct I picked up some Maybelline Colour sensational lipsticks in the colours Citrus slice and Tropical pink. Now, I already have one in electric orange which I love so I thought I'd go for some more bright lipsticks. Little did I know after looking at them, they are from the 'popsticks' range which means they have no colour, they are more like a balm in a lipstick format. I am gutted! It didn't say on the website that they were the popsticks otherwise I wouldn't of gone for them. Anyway, they were only £1.99 each so it's not a big loss but at the same time, I am quite like them. The stick itself is like jelly, its see-through, its so cool! and they smell and taste amazing! I will do a review on these soon to explain more about them.

I also ordered a Essie Nail polish is 'Fear and Desire' which is a gorgeous orange for £1.99. I was debating on whether to go for the oh so raved about 'Bikini So Teeney' and 'Mint Candy Apple' but I decided to go for a orange colour because I don' have a orange nail polish. I have 1 Essie nail polish in Sugar Daddy which I got in a Glossybox however it is very sheer so I have to do a tonne of layers to get pale pink colour. I previously had a orange colour from Missguided but it smashed and I have been looking for a nice orange ever since. The colour of this is very bright. I think it would go perfectly with a plain black maxi alongside my orange lipstick by Maybelline in 'Electric Orange' with a glowing tan. Mmm.

Lastly I ordered a nail polish in 'Minted' by Revlon. I haven't got a Revlon nail polish so I thought I'd try one out and I really liked the look of this mint colour. I have a mint nail polish form Barry M but that one is getting a bit thick so it's hard to paint my nails so I picked this one up for £1.99 again from Fragrance Direct. 

Last but certainly not least, I picked up a top from Primark. Primark have there mid season sale on and I saw this top and I fell in love with it. It was originally £10 and was reduced to £5 and it has a gorgeous geometric type design on it and is quite thin and sheer but you could get away with not wearing a vest underneath it. The arm, bottom and neck bit and cuffed which I thought was really nice. I mainly bought it to wear for work with a black skater skirt but I would also wear it with a pair of light coloured denim jeans.

That's all I've bought recently.It won't be long for me to accumulate more things for a haul! Have you seen anything above which you like? 

Kallie xxx


  1. i love that t shirt! and mua nail polishes are soooo good! pistachio ice cream has got to be my favourite :) x

    1. I've been looking for pistachio ice cream but my local superdrug haven't had it in yet :( x

  2. Lovely bits and bobs. I've nominated you for the Leibster award, if you head over to my blog you can find out more. x

  3. I didn't know that you didn't have Revlon in the UK! I actually have minted, and I love it! I hope you like it, too!!!
    Makeup 'n More By Anna
    [P.S. I have a giveaway going on now!!]

    1. Yeah its quite a popular brand of make up here and i love it too such a nice summer colour!


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