Thursday, 25 July 2013

Summer Essentials: Tan & After Sun

My skin is fair which means I don't tan in the sun, I burn then go back to being pale which I hate! I have never properly fake tanned myself, I've had a spray tan done before but I don't feel confident enough to apply a fake tan on myself because knowing my luck, it would go wrong. So, I have a few of favourite tanning/tan maintainers.

The product I have been using this year is the Dove Summer Glow nourishing lotion with a gradual self tanner. I bought this for my uncles wedding as I was wearing a bright coral dress and I wanted a bit more colour on my skin but I didn't want to fake tan so I bought this. I like gradual tanners because you can get them in several shades which is good as I wouldn't feel confident putting a dark one on. The shade of this is medium to dark which I was scared about but the first time I used it, it just made my skin a little darker than what it was which I was fine with. I like this as you can apply a thin layer like I did just to test it out then a day later you can build it up to the colour that you want. I have applied this with both my hands and a tanning mitt and it goes on nicely on the skin and has a nice scent to it but like all tanners, when it dries it does turn into that awful biscuity smell. But, it gives me a nice glowing bit of colour and I've been using it a lot recently.

Next is the Garnier Ambre Solaire after sun hydrating tan maintainer. I bought this last year for my holiday mainly for an after sun and it kept my tan looking nice and glowing. Yes I got a little bit of a tan, defo because of this product though. It says it can be used for the face and body but I don't like the thought of putting it on my face. The smell is divine. It just smells of summer! I kept this bottle so I knew what to get this year because I knew if I threw it away, I would forget about it but I love it!

Next is the Rimmel Sun Shimmer instant tan in medium shimmer. Now I was given this last year as for some reason which cant remember I was maybe looking for a nice fake tan? I'm not to sure about this firstly because of the smell. To me, it reminds me of an elderly lady smell and it leaves you with that biscuity smell. Also it does come out very dark on my skin but that's probably because i'm pale but I haven't really tried it out. Its been hiding away in my box full of products which I haven't used but I might have to play around with it to see what it is like. 

Lastly is the Garnier Ambre Solaire golden touch after sun. Again I bought this last year for my holiday. This one is a golden touch after sun which means it does have a lot of shimmer to it so I would recommend only using a little as you will look like a disco ball. It's lovely at night as it gives your skin a lovely shimmer to it but too much, it just doesn't look right. The smell is quite peculiar, I can't quite put my finger on what it smells like. I wouldn't say it prolongs your tan, but it does defo give you are shimmering summer glow.  

Overall, these tan maintainers, after sun and maybe instant tan are products which I use a lot in the summer due to me either being pale or looking like a lobster. Not a good look.

What are your favourite after suns or tan maintainers? I would love to know!

Kallie xxx

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