Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Life #1

Hey guys.
I decided to do a my life post today as my life has been fairly busy within the last 2/3 weeks and I thought I'd show you what I've been up to. 
The main event what happened was my uncle marrying his fiancee. I had been looking forward to the wedding since last year and the day finally came! The bride looked absolutely beautiful and her dress, wow! The whole day was perfect for a perfect couple. Later in the evening, my boyfriends best friend and his girlfriend  joined the party which was the icing on the cake. Spending all day with family and finishing it off dancing with moustaches and party glasses with my best friends. What could be better.
Also a week before, my boyfriend ended his teenage years and turned 20. For the last 2 years, we had done pub crawls but we decided to have a chilled day doing some shopping and spending the night having a few drinkypoos the day before his birthday. Again, our best friends and his family were there which made the night even more special. On the Sunday, we then went over to his sisters for a lovely dinner as the weather wasn't looking too good for a BBQ. 
Also, I went to Alton Towers with 2 friends from college on Thursday and I had never been to Alton Towers before and I hadn't been on rollercoasters for years so, I was rather pooping myself. We initially wanted to go on the Smiler but it had broken down for the majority of the day and then re-opened half an hour before closing time? So we unfortunately wasn't able to go on that but the day was brilliant and the weather was nice. Hurray!
Last but not least, my boyfriend got us both tickets to see Volbeat in October and Papa Roach in December!! My taste in music has slightly drifted into his taste in music of which he now called me a ''rocker''. We went and saw Steel Panther in November last year in London and ever since, I told him we were to go to more gigs. He goes to a rock festival every year called Download which consists of rock music of which I was unable to go due to college and I was gutted because Papa Roach was there and they are like, my favourite band now. But, I was so so sooo excited when he had booked tickets and they arrived through the door a few days ago. I am SO excited to finally see them!

Have you done anything exciting recently?

Kallie xxx


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