Friday, 5 July 2013

Beauty things I suck at.

Hey guys.

Now, I am so sorry for the lack of posts recently. I've finally finished my first year at college so I decided to have a chilled few days and catch up with all the TV I missed. But, i'm getting back into the swing of things and starting off, I've decided to do a tag!

1. Applying eyelashes.
I cannot apply eyelashes for the life of me. I have quite small eyes so cutting them down to size is tricky and applying them close to my lash line is extremely hard for me. And because I have quite small eyes, they look quite stupid on me. But I think if I look into eyelashes and different brands and stuff, I hope to find a pair that suit me without looking to big for my face.

2. Eyeliner.
Now, again because my eyes are small, think liner on my lash line looks terrible. I used to wear eyeliner a lot but I think it looks to harsh as well. Now if I do want a bit more definition on my eyes, I use a eyeshadow and apply it to the upper waterline and apply it on my lashes to give it extra definition that seems to work. I used to use gel eyeliner which is why it could look a bit too silly for my face but I want to invest in a liquid eyeliner as it gives you more precision.

3. Applying lipstick.
Now as I've said in many previous posts, I have horrible lips as they are sore, dry and cracked which means I don't really wear lipstick. But, I have dove into the deep end and started to buy more to encourage me to wear it more. When I do apply it, I takes me about 5 minutes to do as I don't think it suits me very good which means I such at applying it. But, I am playing around with it a lot more.

4. Contouring.
Now, I really suck at this! I love the concept of contouring that it makes your face appear slimmer which what my face needs. I still have quite full cheeks which makes contouring hard to do as there is no structure from what I know on my cheeks so when I do contour, it looks as if I've put a dark brown blusher, half way down my face. No matter how hard I try and how many different videos I watch, I just does not work.

There are many more things that I suck at as I am not a make up artist but these, are the things that drive me insane as I just can't do them.

What beauty things do you suck at?

Kallie xxx

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