Friday, 12 July 2013

The Mint Stripped Dress

Republic - £5 (in the sale)

The weather in the UK is slowly getting better and better. The sun is making more of a appearance now which means that it is time to hide away the jeans and bring out dresses and skirts. Now, I am a jeans a t-shirt kinda girl because I find them so versatile and comfortable so that's all I ever wear really. Last week I popped into my local Republic store as I was shopping and came across this dress. I wasn't specifically looking for anything but when I saw it, I fell in love. I love skater dresses as I am a curvy girl but this dress goes out above where a normal skater dress goes out (if you know what I mean) which hides my hips and bum. A picture is seen above.
I also love the fact that its stripped across on the top half which makes your chest look bigger (I do not need help with that thankyou) and the bottom section, the stripes go down which elongates your legs. Now, I like this because I'm short so anything to make my legs look longer is a winner for me. The material of it is quite thick, but it's not too thick that your sweating. I also picked this up as I thought it would look nice for work as I work in retail and being stood under bright lights all day is a no no in the summer time. It was originally £20 but it was reduced to £5 and they also had a berry red colour and a black colour but I thought that mint green is different and it would look great in the summer. I was tempted to pick the other 2 colours up but I do not need more dresses to add to my collection. Do I?
I have wore this dress twice, once for work and the other time I paired it up with a pair of converse as I love the combination of a skater skirt/dress and converse. Laavley. 
Overall, I love this dress and I am so happy I snapped it up.

What do you think about these sorts of dresses?

Kallie xxx

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