Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Summer Essentials: Nails!

MUA Nail Polishes - £1

I have recently done a guest post on http://etailpr.blogspot.co.uk/ about my favorite summer foundation so I thought why not do a little series about my other summer essentials? And this post is, if you couldn't see the pictures clear enough, is about nails!

Once upon a time, I never used to paint my nails due to being, a nail biter. Don't get me wrong, there are days when I do bite my nails for one reason or another but, I love having long nails!
Because of me having nails, my nail polish collection is ever growing. Its getting that bad I'm having to use another storage method to store them! 

Everyone and there mothers goldfish knows that pastel colours are a big hit in the summer time. Unless your like me and you wear any colour, then you go girl! Or boy! I have recently discovered that I have collected a few Make Up Academy (MUA) nail polishes recently which are all within the 'summer' sort of colours. Now, I went shopping today and bought another 2 which means you are having a sneak preview at my soon to be 'haul' post, lucky you!

If you have read my blog from the beginning then you will know that I am a big lover of MUA which means I spend a lot of money on there brand. Sorry bank account.

I like to change my nail polish very frequently so I don't like to buy expensive nail polishes because I think its a waste of money sometimes and there are some which are exactly a dupe but for much cheaper! MUA polishes are £1 each which has lead me to have a little collection of them and Superdrug has 3 for 2 offer on all nail stuff so, that didn't help!

I like how MUA have re-vamped there packaging to make it look like Essie nail polishes but smaller which I think is really cute! I also like that these are small because I personally don't use up a whole nail polish because 99.9% of the time, I buy new ones, forget the ones I already have and they go horrible so they end up going in the bin. I also like how they have names now instead of Shade 1, Shade 2, Shade 3 etc.

The colours I have are (in order in the picture) Lush Lilac, Koala Bear, Bright Coral, Ameretto Crush, Bold Blue, Frozen Yoghurt and Strawberry Crush. My new purchases are Bold Blue and Lush Lilac which means I haven't had a chance to try them out but I know i'm going to love them.

The pigmentation of these nail polishes are brilliant, the first coat can be a little bit streaky especially with the lighter colours but the second coat evens it all out and gives a bold colour. The lasting power on these can vary depending on how many coats you do, I find that the more coats you do there quicker it chips, but if your like me and you change your nail polish frequently then its no bother. Or you can add a top coat which makes the staying power longer and I usually do 2 coats, just in case.
I love that all these colours can make a boring outfit and if your not experimental with colours on such places as your eyes or lips, this definitely makes up for it!

Overall, I love nail polishes in the summer despite the colour whether its pastel or a dark colour, all colours make a plain outfit and look brilliant with a tan! I love Frozen Yoghurt and Ameretto Crush!

Have you tried MUA's nail polishes out and whats your favourite colour?

Kallie xxx

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