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Whats in my make up bag?

Hey guys!
I've decided to take a break from doing coursework and decided to do a blog post instead about what is in my make up bag. Now I'm the type of girl that if I'm not travelling around, my make up bag is emptied into my storage as I always change my make up on a day to day basis. But, I've kept these in my make up bag in order to do a blog post about it then my make up can return to its home.

Rimmel BB cream in Light £6.99
I was in St Neots the other weekend and me and my boyfriend popped into Superdrug of which picked me up some things as they currently have a 3 for 2 offer going on. 
I was debating on whether to get some more foundation or some BB cream but I opted for the BB cream as I have 6 foundations on the go! In the summer, I don't particularly wear as much make up because I cant be dealing with heat and a face full of make up. Even though we haven't had much sun in the UK yet, its getting there so I thought why not. Now I don't know much about BB creams but this is perfect. it works as a primer, moisturiser, concealer and even though I do all those things anyway, it brightens up my face without having the cakiness of a foundation. 

MUA Pro Base fixing mist £5
I have nearly ran out of my ELF fixing mist which is nearly or older than a year old (yikes) and again, I picked this up in Superdrug on their 3 for 2 offer as I needed a new fixing mist. I love spraying this after applying my face and also spraying it before I apply my make up as I feel that it freshens up my face. Also as its half term and I have not left my bedroom or my house and I haven't been wearing make up, I spray this on my face just to hydrate it and it so makes a difference.

Collection lasting perfection concealer in Fair £4.19
This concealer is so hyped up in the beauty community and I can see why. I use this on any blemishes and under my eyes after applying foundation or even applying it if I'm quickly popping out to the shop just to hid dark circles and blemishes. seriously cannot fault this concealer, it does the job for me!

NYC pressed powder in naturally beige £1.99
Now, I picked this up again from Superdrug but a couple of months ago for days when I don't want to wear foundation, but I still want some colour. I usually wear this on top of my BB cream to get it some extra coverage when I need it as its not translucent and it has some colour in it. It's not the best powder, but it does the job.

Real Techniques expert face brush £9.99
I LOVE THIS BRUSH!! I picked this up for my birthday with my birthday money after eyeing it up for a while. I use it with all my foundations and BB creams as well as cream blush. It creates a flawless look to my make up which I love and its so easy to clean, Bonus! I cannot wait to get some more of these brushes.

Fraulein angled eyeshadow brush and powder brush £7.99
I got a set of the Fraulein brushes a couple of months ago as I needed some new ones so I bought these of eBay brand new until I get new ones. These were really inexpensive and I use the angled eyeshadow brush with my concealer under my eyes and mostly round my eyebrows after filling them in to make them stand out about more. and the powder brush, I use for powder. Simple. The quality of these brushes are not brilliant. The bristles fall out but they were cheap and they do the job at the moment until I get some more real technique brushes!

MUA mosaic blush in English rose £2.50
I love MUA as a brand. They are cheap, they have nearly everything and the quality isn't so bad. Now I'm a student so I don't have a lot of money so the cheap, the better. I love this blush as its a highlighter as well. I swirl my brush around and apply it to my cheeks and it gives me a lovely colour which isn't too bold as well as a shimmer.

Sleek blusher in flamingo £5
I received this in Aprils Glossybox and when I opened it, I was slightly pooping myself, In the pan, its such a bright and bold colour and because I'm quite pale, it looks scary. but I found using a light hand and hardly any product, I gives such a nice pop of colour with a neutral eye and lip. The pigment is incredible and for £5, you cannot complain!

Fraulin blusher brush in set £7.99
Like the powder and eyeshadow brush, the quality of these brushes are not brilliant. I like that its angles so it gives a really nice look to my face and its super super soft.

Revlon lip butters in wild watermelon £7.99
Now, I'm not a lip kinda girl. I do try to wear more lipstick and stuff but my lips are so dry and flakey, it just shows through my lipsticks. But this is sort of a tinted lip balm. It has the moisture of a lip balm and the colour of a lipstick when built up as it can appear sheer. And I use it as a ''your lips but better'' looking colour rather than building it up.

MUA power pouts in irreplaceable and broken hearted £3
Like I said before, I love MUA and there power pouts. These are dupes for the clinique chubby sticks and Revlon just bitten kissable balm stains but I don't really wear lip products so I thought why shed out that much money, when I can get a cheaper alternative? These give me the moisture of a lip balm but with colour and I love them. These are my two go to colours as the moment and I love them. 

ELF neutral eyeshadow palette £5
I love this palette as it has shimmer and matte colours which is perfect to create a gorgeous eye. I'm not very experimental with my eye make up and I wear a neutral brown eye and I find that these colours in this palette is perfect.

HD Brows palette in bombshell £19.99
I received this in a Glossybox last year and I use it everyday. I love it. I use this to fill my brows and its the prefect colour for them. I have deep brown hair but my eyebrows are quite light so I have to fill them in to match but I don't like to make it look obvious that they are filled in and this palette does just that.

Natural collection clear mascara £1.99
I use this clear mascara to set my eyebrows in place so they don't budge. Theres not really much I can say, it does the job. 

Rimmel extra super lash mascara £5
I love this mascara. It coats all my eyelashes and separates them and lengthens them and the more coats you do, the better volume it gives. And its so easy to take of. I have a back up of it already for when I run out.

Benefit they're real mascara £9.50
I did a blog post about this which I will link here so I won't got into too much detail about it. I love that it separates my lashes and builds them up really nice and I use this after my rimmel mascara and I love it. apart from that its so hard to take off. I do not like that. 

Avon glimmer stick in dark brown £6
I get this the other day in Marie Claire magazine and I use it to fill in my eyebrows on the end where its hard to apply powder to make them look stronger but I have to use a light hand otherwise my eyebrows look weird as its a bit too dark for my brows. But nay mind, I like it. 

MUA intense eye pencil in brown £1
The quality of this pencil is not brilliant as it smudges on my eyes and doesn't give a lot of colour but i only really wear it when I'm going for a dark brown smokey eye and I use it on my lashline and smudge it in. I'm not a big eyeliner wearer so it doesn't really bother me about the quality of it but it does the job. 

MUA eyebrow pencil in blonde £1
I don't use the pencil side of this but the brush end of it. I picked it up before starting work one Sunday as my eyebrows were a bit of a mess and it does the job, Its not the best but it tidies them up.

So that it what is in my make up bag, I hope you enjoyed this post.
Whats in your make up bag?
Kallie xxx

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