Monday, 20 May 2013

May glossy box

On Tuesday, I received my may glossybox through the post. I love when I get an email saying my box has been dispatched and it feels like Christmas when it arrives!
Any who, I will show you what I received!

Bellápierre super gloss in raspberry - £12.99
The first thing I received what this lipgloss by bellápierre cosmetics. Now I haven't heard about this brand before but I was very excited to try it. I got it in the colour raspberry and no joke, it smells and tastes like raspberry. Yum! I packaging is very simple but feels very sturdy. Looking at the colour, it's not very me. I go for more neutral tones and this on the lips goes a very deep purple colour but I'm trying to make it work. This lipgloss retails at £12.99 which is a lot for a lipgloss as you can usually get a mac lipstick for that price but I will do a review on it when I test it out more.

Jelly pong pong fairy lashes mascara - £15
The next product i received was this mascara from jelly pong pong. In a box a couple of months ago I received there lip frosting of which I liked the scent of it but I felt that it was too sticky for my liking. Now I love trying out mascara a so I was quite excited when I received this. I love the print on the box but the packing of the mascara itself is pretty standard. I like the brush as it has bristles and I used is on Wednesday and it clumped my lashes together and was not lengthening them what so ever. When trying to take the mascara off with a baby wipe, it was not coming off. It was only when I looked at the box that I realised that it is waterproof and I'm not keen on waterproof mascaras. The price of this mascara is £15. But I'm not 100% keen on this product yet. But again, I will post a more detailed review when I have tried it out more.

Caudalie divine oil - £4.05
I next received this oil from caudalie. Again I have heard of this brand before but haven't tried anything out. This oil is a multi purpose product and is for body, face and hair. I don't know much about is product but I think I will use it as a face oil rather than my hair as my hair gets oily easily as it is.

L'Occitane hydrating cream - £30 for 50ml
The next product I received if from L'Occitante. Like some of the other products, I have heard of this brand but again haven't tried anything out yet. This cream is said to be a hydration cream which is right up my street as I love trying new creams as I have normal/combination skin and sometimes can be a bit worse for wear. I tried this out the other night and I found it to be hydrating but the smell is a major put of. I put this on before going to bed and that was all I could smell all night. I'm the type of person that if I don't like the smell of a product, I won't try it but I'm giving this one a try despite the smell of it but Gain I will do a more detailed review soon.

Beautiful Movements Cosmetics - Prime and create mixing medium - £20 for 20g
I then received this pot of what I thought was gel but looking at the piece of paper you get with the box, it states that it is a multi purpose gel. This can be used as a primer and gives a matte finish, or it can be blended with powder products like blusher and eyeshadow to make them into cream products. I like the idea of this as there is nothing more annoying than having. Blush which you love but you can't find the colour or brand in a cream formula. I haven't used this product yet but I'm so looking forward to testing it out.

As it was glossybox' 2nd birthday, they threw in an extra goody which is always good. I received this little pack of nail files which comes in a matchbox type thing? Anyway, I have loads of nail files as it is but I like the idea of these being mini as you can throw them in your make up bag or in your bag and your ready to go.

Overall, I'm rather pleased with this months box and happy 2nd birthday Glossybox! 
The link for glossyboxes website will be linked here.
What did you think of his months box and what did you get in yours?

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